La faculté des Langues Appliquées célèbre la Journée de la langue anglaise

Celebrating the English Language Day for the third time, we, the UFE, is usually designed to mainly help students and professionals learn, participate and train in all that concerns the English language. To celebrate the English language day, this year, which took place on April 28th, the UFE held an activities-filled day that tackled “The Different Realms of English”. We had different talks from academic, cultural, literary and communicative aspects of the English language. So, Macmillan speakers featured a workshop on “Blended Learning” by one of their professionals, Ms. Sara Hamdy. Academic activities and scholarships were highlighted by exposing students and professors to Regional English Language Office (RELO) activities from one of the VIPs from the U.S Embassy, by Dr. Ruth Petzold. Also, the day featured English book presentations by their Egyptian authors like Ms. Hala El Badry and Ms. Yusra Badr. A communication workshop was done by Mr. Amr Bahgat, an authorized agent supervisor from Mobinil. During different parts of the day, the audience was entertained by a stand up comedian, Mr. Rami Borei as well as student’s talents show at the end.


The attendees were not only from the faculty and other students of the university, but were other faculty members and visitors from Arab Open University, Azhar University, Tanta University, MIU and Hindawy Publishers.