The French University of Egypt (UFE) is a private Egyptian institution established in 2002 and inaugurated in 2006 by Mrs J. Chirac and H. Mubarak. In addition to teaching in 3 languages (French, Arabic, English) and the existence of a double French-Egyptian diploma, UFE allows its students to lead a course agreed in partnership with various French universities, such as Paris III Sorbonne, the University of Nantes, the University of Haute-Alsace or the University of Corsica.


– Strengthening academic, scientific and cultural links with French universities and scientific institutions. In the long term, we seek to harmonise our training programmes with the French and European higher education systems.

– Offering our students excellent training in the fields of higher education, research and continuing education.  We attach particular importance to the recruitment and selection of academic, technical and administrative staff, as well as the educational methods implemented by our teachers.

– Contribute to raising the standards of teaching and scientific research in Egypt in order to train professionals, experts and researchers in various scientific fields of the future.



An Egyptian diploma accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education (baccalauréat or licence)
A French diploma (Licence /Master) awarded by our French partner universities.


French (language of culture and knowledge opening access to French-speaking countries).

English (language of globalization).

Arabic (working in Egypt and the Arab world).



Modern and innovative pedagogical teaching

An emphasis on professional training courses in large companies, offered from the first year onwards

A great mobility of our students via partnerships with various French universities

A rich and varied student life.

Dr. Taha Abdallah
Interim President

“The French University in Egypt was created in its present form by a presidential decree 26 of 11 February 2002, the French University of Egypt is a private scientific, cultural and professional establishment; it is governed by Law 101 of 22 July 1992 relating to the creation of private universities and the cooperation agreement, dated 28 March 2003 concluded between the University and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The establishment of research centres of excellence, in partnership with French universities in areas of common interest to both countries, could facilitate the mobility of students and professors in both directions. These centres can obtain financial support from governments and businesses in both countries. On the other hand, as part of the training of French polo in Egypt, UFE can open its doors to foreign students, especially those from French-speaking African countries. This will contribute to Egyptian aid for Africa’s development.”

Vice President

PhD in Engineering.

PhD in Science.

University Professor.

Vice – President of the French University of Egypt .







Faculty and Department: Applied Languages

Grade: Lecturer


This teacher will be giving English language lectures according to the Applied Languages faculty methodology for the bachelor level and eventually for other faculties. He/She has to prove awareness of various fields of knowledge, be open minded and proficient in English Language. Computer knowledge is required. A good knowledge of French and Arabic is a plus. If he/she has been to England or the United States, that will be put into consideration.

United States, that will be put into consideration.

Required Certificates: PhD


Teach English language for bachelor level

Supervise assistant lecturers and assistants pedagogically within the linguistic resources center of the Faculty of Applied Languages

Supervise courses that will be put on MOODLE platform

Follow up English lectures on MOODLE platform

Participate in the making of trilingual terminological data base

Participate in pre- and post exam preparations

Participate with the team in administrative tasks


Donation to the french university of EGYPT:

Your donations allow us to create an increasingly stimulating and attractive learning environment for our students, enabling them to acquire new skills and seek excellence in their field.


Each donation can take the form of:

– Scholarships for deserving or needy students;

– Support to academic seminars and conferences;

– Funding of research projects;

– Funding of research and teaching chairs.

To this end, the UFE has drawn up a charter relating to the fundraising (PDF), which specifies the methods of sponsorship and partnership.



Our university can receive tax deductible donations for donors, within the limits of sections 109 and 112 of the Income Tax Act.

These donations are deductible as special expenses, paid in cash or in kind.

To be deductible as special expenses, the total annual donations must equal or exceed 120 euros.

However, the annual deduction for gifts and donations may not exceed 20 % of total net income or EUR 1 000 000.

A tax certificate is issued by UFE for each donation.


It is up to the donor to choose the nature of his donation.

Any donor might be, if desired, mentioned on the University’s website.

Luxembourg University Foundation bank account :

IBAN : LU34 0019 4055 4574 9000 BIC :



Management and Information System Faculty

Academic Assistant

Subject: Human Resources.

Academic background : 

Former student of UFE from the same faculty, class of 2009-2010. I obtained a scholarship of excellence from the Pays de la Loire region for my last year of studies in order to complete Master 1: Master in Management Science at the University of Nantes (2009 – 2010). I worked for several years and then completed my Master 2 at the University of Valencia in Human Resources Management, Management and Training Quality (2015-2016).


Professional background :

2017: Recruitment Officer, Human Resources Coordinator – Xceed Contact Center
2016-2017: Customer Service Representative – Stream Global Services
2012-2015: Trainer, Payment Department – HSBC Bank
2011-2012 : Marketing Assistant – Expedia Company


Publications :

Research thesis in second year of Master : ‘How to improve the quality of training by accompanying change?’. Under the supervision of Mr. Michel Labour; lecturer at the University of Valenciennes.

Email: dina.elsoussy@gmail.com


Doctor, lecturer

Educational and administrative responsibilities:

Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics, Microfinance and economic development (Master level), international economics, financial markets, international finance, banking and financial environment, feasibility studies, corporate finance and management control, general accounting.

Head of Quality Assurance at the Faculty of Management and Information System

Publications :

ELGAHRY Baher (2017), “The impact of relaxing the Rules Of Origins on the Arab countries”, working paper, UAC.

ELGAHRY Baher (2016), “La synchronisation des cycles économiques intra – et – inter – régionale en Europe et en Asie”, Interventions Economiques No 55, Centre d’études sur l’intégration et la mondialisation (CEIM), Faculté de science politique et de droit, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.

ELGAHRY Baher (2012), “La compétitivité des exportations agricoles égyptiennes sur le marché européen”, Revue “Chroniques égyptiennes”, Centre d’études et de documentation économiques, juridiques et sociales (CEDEJ) – Ambassade de France en Egypte.

ELGAHRY Baher (2009), “The Competitive Power of Agricultural Products Affecting Egyptian Export Growth to European Union Countries”, Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University, Egypt.  Authorization for publication by the Centre d’études et de documentation économiques, juridiques et sociales (CEDEJ) – Ambassade de France en Egypte.

ELGAHRY Baher (2004), “The wheat problem in Egypt”, Egyptian progress journal. Egypt.

Work in progress :

ELGAHRY Baher (2018) “The different exchange rate regimes and the synchronization of business cycles”, Post-Doc Research. France.

ELGAHRY Baher and TRASBERG Viktor (2018), “Business cycle synchronization in Baltic countries : direct and indirect effect”, proposal for a conference paper. Estonia.

Email : baher.elgahry@hotmail.com

Tel: (002) 012 26 69 24 46


Professor and Head of the Architecture Department

He won numerous prizes in architectural competitions for public and educational buildings and cultural libraries.

He designed many public buildings, in particular:

– Dental Hospital, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Minia.
– Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology (400 beds) University of Minia.
– Extension of the building of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Minia.
-Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mansoura University.
– Faculty of Dentistry, Mansoura University.
-Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University
– 21 Conference rooms, El Fateh University, Libya

It has planned residential communities in Egypt and Libya including commercial, educational, health and religious services.

Publication of numerous researches in the field of architectural psychology, and culture related to architecture.

Email : alhusseiny14@gmail.com

Lecturer and Head of the Department of Productics, Energy and Automatic Control

In 1978 he obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, Canada. For the last 40 years he
has been working with Auburn U. (USA), Lehigh U. (USA), United Arab Emirates U. (UAE), Qatar U., and BUE. He was chosen
as a member of the United Nations Developing Program “Transfer of Know How through Expatriate Nationals”. He was
awarded many prizes including the Teetor Educational Award from SAE (USA), Best Paper Award (Malaysia), and the Award
for Excellence in Paper Presentation from the Int. Conf. Heat Transfer (USA). He served as the Vice Chair of the Emerging
Energy Tech. Committee of the ASME (USA).
His research interests are Energy Conversion and Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Combustion and Fuels, Internal
Combustion Engines, and Environmental Impact of Energy Utilization. He published about 80 papers in International
refereed Journals and Conferences. He was the Principal and Co-Principal Investigator of 14 sponsored research projects.
He has been the Editor and Associate Editor of some Engineering Research Journals and acts as a Referee for a number of
He served as a consultant to several international companies and organizations such as National Bureau of Standards
(USA), Consolidated Edison Company of New York (NY, USA), Wikstron Machines, Inc. (NY, USA), Nabisco Inc. (NJ, USA),
and Abacus Engineering (Calgary, Canada).

Email : osamaabadr@outlook.com

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Department Information Systems (FCI-MU), University of Mansoura, Mansoura, Egypt. Thesis: “A New Model For Knowledge Discovery In Databases”. Directeur : Prof. Mohamed Hashem Abdelaziz, Assoc. Prof. Mohamed M. Elmogy

Research experience : 
– Research assistant, CRI (Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary), Université Française d’Egypte
– Research assistant, Gas and Oil drilling Intelligent Techniques project funded by ITIDA (Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA)

Publications : 

– ” Hybrid Rough Sets and Probabilistic Flow Graph Model In Coronary Artery Disease”, S. I. Barakat, M. M. Eissa, I. EL-Henawy,Ain Shams University , Egyptian Computer Science Journal Vol. 33 No. 1 ,September 2009.
– ” Hybrid Rough Sets and Decision Tree Model In Coronary Heart Disease”, M. Z.AMIR, M. M. Eissa, I. EL-Henawy, zagazig university medical journal January 2010.
– “A Comparative Study Of Classifiers In Cornoary Heart Disease”, S. I. Barakat, M. M. Eissa, I. EL-Henawy, Mansoura University, MJCSIS Journal, February2010.
 “Rough Based Granular Computing Approach for Making Treatment Decisions of Hepatitis C” ,Farid A. Badria ,Mohammed M. Eissa , Mohammed Elmogy , Mohammed Hashem, 23rd International Conference on Computer Theory and Applications ICCTA ,Alexandria, Egypt, 29-31 October 2013.

Email : Mohamed.mamdouh@ufe.edu.eg

Tel : (+2) 0122-147 892 2


Senior Lecturer and Head of the Business and International Trade Department

Major specialization subjects:

Human Resources Management, Business Management, International Trade, International Marketing

Research in progress:

“HR technology, for a better HRM performance, study on international companies in Egypt” (29th AGRH Congress in Lyon from 29 – 31 October 2018.

  Research and publications:

  1. The role of environmental quality systems in the improvement of the competitiveness of service organizations in Egypt (Environmental research magazine, 2016, Ain shams university)
  2. L’internalisation de la Gestion des Ressources Humaines et ses enjeux.
  3. Sortie et retour des employés Africains à leurs patries.
  4. Le rôle et l’impact des TIC sur le comportement des employés dans les entreprises Européennes.
  5. La discrimination dans la vie professionnelle en France.
  6. Les questions sociales et la poursuite du développement économique en Chine.
  7. La mise en œuvre des lois du travail dans les économies émergeantes – le cas du Brésil.
  8. L’impact économique des IDE sur le développement des PVD.
  9. Étude comparative entre le Marketing Digital et le Marketing Traditionnel en Egypte.
  10. Les langues, clef de réussite des entreprises (Colloque international des affaires et de la traduction dans un contexte euro-arabe, 2010, Université Française d’Égypte et université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle).
  11. Incentives and obstacles to the implementation of environmental management systems in the Egyptian companies. (American university of London, 2009)
  12. Techniques de travail dans le département juridique des firmes multinationales – application au siège social de l’entreprise Air France, Paris (Institut de Droit des Affaires International – IDAI, 1992, Université du Caire et Université Paris Dauphine)

Email : Lamiamarmouche44@gmail.com

Matière(s) enseignée(s) :
Contentieux communautaire, Libertés de circulation communautaires, Fiscalité communautaire, Droit des relations extérieures de l’Union européenne, Politiques communautaires

Thèmes de recherche :
Droit communautaire, Droit de la concurrence, Droit fiscal, Droit international

Email : dominique.berlin@u-paris2.fr


Educational responsabilities: 

Teaching of French,  FOS, FDA et FLE


Doctorate in French Language Sciences

Master of Modern French Letters

D.E.A. in General and Applied Linguistics

Diploma in French/Arabic Translation

Master of French Literature

Email : ayman_sinan@hotmail.com

Assistant lecturer

Educational responsabilities:
Assistant lecturer, Business and international trade Department, Faculty of Applied Languages, teaching Marketing, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Accounting.


– Mona Shehata, Omneya Yacout, Nicolas Moinet and Camille Alloing (2017), ” How Can a Tweet Affect The E-Reputation Of A Company? “, Journal of Internet Social Networking & Virtual Communities, Vol. 2017(2017),ArticleID651454,DOI:10.5171/2017.651454 http://ibimapublishing.com/articles/JISNVC/2017/651454/

– Mona Shehata, Omneya Yacout, Nicolas Moinet and Camille Alloing, (2017) “Towards An Innovative Understanding of the Different Practices of Social Media Crises Management Caused By Rumors in Different Environments,” Proceedings of the 29th International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA), ISBN: 978-0-9860419-7-6, 3-4 May 2017, Vienna, Austria, p. 1133-1136

Email : mona.fathy@ufe.edu.eg

Lecturer, specialized translation Department and  International Affairs and Trade Department 

Educational responsabilities:

1st year: French language, tutoring; 2nd year: French language, support; 3rd year: civilization; 4th year: French language and business

Professional background and qualifications :

Faculty of Letters, French Section (Alexandria University)

Master’s candidate for a thesis on civilization

University degree candidate in French-Arabic translation DUTFA, Lumières 2 University, Lyon

Diploma in translation: audio-visual conference, University of St Joseph, Beirut

Diploma of Arabic

Email : sherin.@ufe.edu.eg